Focus in Despair

I tend to be very selective about what I allow myself to get into on the internet… videos, pictures, people’s rants about whatever it happens to be at the moment. I’m working on choosing my vibration and I’m quite impressionable as it turns out. But this video, although painfully heartbreaking, is also humbly inspiring.

These children have few choices available to them. In desolation they have found bits of hope. Big sis has a clear mind. They will be patient, a solution will come and others should find appreciation for their current situation. Her words are so simple. I do not sense hate or resentment for those who have left them behind or for others who have more. Just a clear focus on what is needed in the moment she is in now. This 10 year old is wise enough to know that condemning the choices of others just wastes energy she needs for other things, like hope for brighter days.

This thought draws an unlikely comparison to the break room in my office. There’s generally lots of complaining going on in there. On bad days it’s a free for all…people goin in other people and what they did or didn’t do. How this person or that person is getting on someone’s nerves and occasionally who’s about to get bitch-slapped. People are angry, disappointed, disillusioned, disrespected and in disbelief!

Ok, so I do think we need to vent a little bit (me included). My question is, who are we to judge and what good does it do? Maybe we need to find the hope and appreciation in the moment we’re in and just MAYBE our energy is best used elsewhere. Let us not be wasteful. Instead of making “bad vibe” soup in the kitchen everyday and letting it smell up the whole office. Maybe we could appreciate one another, stop taking other people’s decisions so personal and empower each other to live the best life we possibly can with our endless resources.

Focusing on what’s good always seems to lead to good. Even if it’s in small doses, even if it’s just for you.

If you’d like to provide aid to the brave children in the Syrian crisis, follow this link:


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