I’m funky and I’m unproductive.

www-jiemoduiThings have been super busy.  Life-change-type busy.  So, in a way, it’s been kinda great. But, it’s also sucked a little too.  This is fall energy.  A transitional, expansive crescendo of all you’ve been working to manifest throughout the year, with lots of opportunity for discernment and dotted with new experiences.  It can be tough… and I can get overwhelmed with all the details and decisions.

You know what didn’t work for me?  Forcing my way through it.  I really tried to!  When we decide to push our feelings to the side and keep working towards our goal (what everyone says to do),  it can cause a mess… just more jumblization.  I mean there’s no focus, so what kind of progress can we really make?  We must take the time to acknowledge how we’re feeling so we can get clear about how we want to feel.  Before that, there can be no steps forward.  We are the creators and we must be tuned in our higher self to get the best results for our efforts.

A clouded mind can make us forget how powerful we are.  I have lots of tools… an arsenal even!  But, I wallowed in that funk for almost a week before my husband woke me up and reminded me to use them!  Sometimes, all it takes is a subtle breeze to blow the gates of potentiality wide open.   Work your magick Goddesses!  Remember!

I’m posting my videos for energy clearing with copal and space clearing below.  They show what I did to move that funky, stale energy and get back to my better self.



Cover artwork from: http://www.jiemodui.com







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